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The quickest divorce available in the UK today

Our Premier Service offers the quickest divorce option available in the UK today. There are no online questionnaires, forms to fill in, Court attendance or associated hassle. Just a simple short fact finding telephone call with one of our divorce specialists and we will file your petition with the Court on your behalf.

The whole process is short and simple and puts your petition in the hands of the Court using three simple steps;

Step 1


After ordering our service, just answer some simple questions and we will draft the documentation and email it to you usually within an hour.

Step 2


On receipt of the email, just download, print and sign. Simply put the forms in an envelope, along with your marriage certificate.

Step 3


Just wait for the courier to arrive at your door and hand him the documentation.

Your documents will then be delivered to one of the fastest Divorce Centres in the UK, processing divorce petitions at the time we receive your paperwork.

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