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I found the forms simple to fill in although very thorough, I feel very confident about using this service, the procedure made a difficult situation a lot easier for me to carry out, thank you.

Mrs Heather Connor - Blackpool

The process was easy to complete and not as complicated as I first expected it to be.

Peter Beaney - Hampshire

I was very pleased to know l can simplify the divorce proceedings by using your website.

Evelyn Mnene - Middlesex

I found the site easy to understand and straight forward.

Sheila Cooper - Birmingham

Very prompt service.

Karen Simpson - Merseyside

I was very doubtful about using this service over the Internet as I did not know if Managed Divorce UK was a legitimate company. Now I am so pleased I decided to go down this road as they have completed my divorce in less than 4 months and I have had no hassle whatsoever. I will recommend this service to anyone with no hesitation whatsoever.

Kevin Gibson - Cumbria

A great help and easy to use.

Bridget-Anne Lowe - Wiltshire

I always thought solicitors were overpaid! We were quoted £1000 for exactly the same service.

Martin Baker - Cardiff

The service I have received so far has been very good.

Nicholas Whitbread - Suffolk

The support has been absolutely fantastic - quick responses to my e-mailed questions have helped enormously. I would definitely recommend to others in my position.

Kay Nel - West Sussex